At Simply Lateral, we believe that the key to a successful market implementation of your products is the quality of the design. Achieving this enables the product development cycle to be reduced and avoid the pitfalls.

Our extensive knowledge in a variety of industries and manufacturing processes leads to innovative solutions that ensure your product will gain a competitive edge.

Using Simply Lateral allows you to handle the demands of new product development without costly additions to your staff or facilities.

Using the latest in computer-aided design techniques, Simply Lateral provides savings on not only today’s designs, but savings on future models.

Our approach to product development is a concurrent mix of the following development stages:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Prototyping/Testing

We have something to offer at every stage of this product development cycle. Whether you need engineering rationalisation of your current designs, or assistance with the entire cycle, we are here to help.

Our team’s experience and imagination, combined with state of the art computer-aided design, ensures that the design cycle time is reduced and an innovative solution is provided.

Using careful design to compress the development cycle, your product will get to market faster, which reduces overall development costs and provides quicker return on investment. This leads to increased profits.

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